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Loan amounts range from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.15,00,000. APR ranges from 11.99% to 35.99%. Loan lengths range from 12 to 60 months. Administration fee ranges from 1% to 5%.

Personal Loan in Mumbai

An instant personal loan in Mumbai is an unsecured financing option that doesn’t require any collateral from your end. Powered by the latest technologies, Qbera ensures that you’re approved for your instant loan within a few hours.

Qbera is a Fintech lending marketplace that makes financing accessible for the under-represented masses. So, if you’ve been rejected by other leading lending platforms for inconsequential reasons like living as a paying guest, having a credit score less than 700, or earning less than Rs 30,000 per month; we’re here to help!

Looking for super-fast personal loans in Mumbai? At Qbera, we’re here to help! You can now apply for a personal loan on our platform with a minimum take-home salary of Rs, 20,000 per month. Your instant loan approval is just a click away!

Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is the capital city of Maharashtra and the largest city across India. A cosmopolitan metropolis, the city has an estimated population of 1.84 crores (2011). Mumbai also generates almost 6.16% of India’s GDP (2009) and is the commercial and financial hub of India. At Qbera, we extend our unsecured personal loans in Mumbai to individuals with a net monthly income of Rs, 20,000. 

An instant personal loan in Mumbai is an unsecured financing option that doesn’t require any collateral from your end. Powered by the latest technologies, Qbera ensures that you’re approved for your instant loan within a few hours.

Qbera is a Fintech lending marketplace that makes financing accessible for the underrepresented masses. So, if you’ve been rejected by other leading lending platforms for inconsequential reasons like living as a paying guest, having a credit score less than 700, or earning less than Rs 30,000 per month; we’re here to help!

Benefits Of Instant Personal Loans in Mumbai From Qbera

If you’re hesitant about applying for an instant personal loan from Qbera, here are some reasons to consider-

No Collateral Needed

At Qbera we offer unsecured personal loans in Mumbai. This means you won’t have to pledge your home, car, or property as collateral to secure the loan. 

No Questions Asked

Whether you’re looking to purchase an expensive gift, pay for an emergency medical bill, get a second-hand car, or finance relocation costs- our personal loans will cover every unexpected and urgent need of yours. Here are some of the top reasons why people take a personal loan from Qbera-

  • Weddings

  • Vacations

  • Home Renovations

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Debt consolidation

Flexible Tenures

Qbera offers flexible tenures ranging from 1 to 5 years. You can explore our repayment schedules and choose the one that works best with your monthly salary and current savings plan. 

Online Repayments

At Qbera, we offer customers the flexibility to pay their monthly installments online. As per the NACH mandate, borrowers can opt for the auto-debit facility for making monthly repayments on their personal loans. 

Calculate Your EMI for Free

Struggling to calculate the repayment amount you’ll incur every month? Fret not! With Qbera’s online EMI calculator, you’ll get an accurate figure in a few seconds! Enter the amount you’re planning to borrow and your preferred repayment tenure, and our tool will get the calculation done right away!

Available to Bad Credit Score Holders

Most formal lending institutions require you to have a credit score of 700 or more to qualify for an instant personal loan. Luckily at Qbera, we do not have such stringent standards. You can apply for an instant personal loan on our platform with a credit score of 600 or higher. 

Super-Fast Application
Hate taking multiple trips to your bank with tons of documents? We’ve got you covered! When applying for a personal loan in Mumbai, you’ll just need the scanned copies of your government authorized ID (PAN or Aadhar card), salary receipts, bank receipts, and CIBIL score. Since the process is digital, it will barely take you a few minutes. 

Completely Safe

At Qbera, your safety is our priority! The personal information you share while filling the application form isn’t shared with any third-party vendor. Powered by a 128-bit SSL encryption, our platform also ensures that your data isn’t compromised. 

How To Get a Personal Loan in Mumbai? 

When it comes to getting unsecured personal loans in Mumbai, Qbera is one of the top platforms to consider. Unlike other leading platforms, we offer loans to individuals who need it more than anyone else! 

Since our loans are need-based, you can use them for any purpose you deem fit. So, whether you need funds right away, or for an event that is scheduled a couple of months later- our financing options will surely serve your needs! Since our loans are approved and disbursed in less than a day, you end up saving both your time and effort. The best part: you can send your application immediately on our online platform. 

You’ll need to follow these four simple steps to get an instant personal loan from Qbera!

  • Visit our website www.qbera.com. Next, click the ‘Apply Now’ tab at the top right section of the page. Once you do this, you’ll be redirected to the online application portal. Here, you need to key in your personal details, information about your employment, your monthly income, existing debts, etc. 

  • For the second step, you’ll have to choose an amount ranging from 1 lakh to 15 lakhs. The final amount you’ll be approved for depends on your monthly income and repayment abilities. 

  • Upload the required documents.

  • Once these documents are verified, you can expect the loan to be disbursed in your account within 24 to 72 hours.

Personal Loans in Mumbai - Tips To Improve Your Approval Chances 

While getting a personal loan from Qbera is incredibly simple, you can always improve your approval chances by following some healthy financial habits. 

First, it is important to work on your credit score. Although we offer loans to low-credit score holders, you can always improve your score to qualify for lower interest rates. For the uninitiated, credit score (or CIBIL score) is the number generated from your credit reports. Lenders use this score for evaluating how you’ve handled your credit in the past. 

Your credit score ranges from 300 to 900, and a higher score usually indicates good financial behavior. While a score above 700 is deemed good, anything under 600 is considered poor. So, if your credit score has been hovering around 600 or 650, it is important to change your financial habits and take your bills more seriously. 

Also, if you don’t yet have a credit score, apply for a personal loan or a credit card to build it. Do not take your credit score lightly because it ultimately determines your eligibility, the amount you’re sanctioned, and the interest rate you’ll qualify for. 

Once you understand why and how your credit score is important, incorporate the next few tips for a higher score and a better personal loan offer!

Check Your Debt To Income Ratio

If you have existing personal loans or active credit cards, make sure you do not overutilize the available credit. Since lenders will check your outstanding credit balance concerning your income, it is important to keep the debt to income ratio low. If you have high debts on multiple credit cards or too many personal loans, chances are, you will be rejected.

In case you do have mounting debts, it is important to decimate them with the right debt-elimination strategies. Two great options here are the avalanche method and the snowball method. For the avalanche method, you start by clearing your high-interest debts before moving on to the low-interest ones. For the snowball method, you clear the smallest debts first and eventually move to the bigger ones. Assess your financial situation, monthly income and choose the strategy that works best for you. If implemented the right way, you will soon be able to qualify for the best personal loan in Mumbai and other Indian cities. 

That said, if you need the amount urgently and do not have any other option to resort to, Fintechs like Qbera can help you! Yes, you can apply for a personal loan here even if you're rejected by other lending platforms. Thanks to our alternative credit scoring algorithm and simple underwriting terms, we will approve your loan even if you have a sub-prime credit score. 

Take Your Debts Seriously

Missing the due dates of your bills or paying your monthly installments late can have a detrimental impact on your credit score. Yes, regardless of the amount, every late payment is reflected on your credit report. So, when a potential lender checks your report, they are less likely to approve the loan as the missed payments indicate that you do not take your debts seriously. 

To avoid this issue, set up reminders on your phone or sign up for an auto-debit facility. This will ensure that you make timely payments and handle your debt better. 

Check Your Credit Report

When you check your credit report from time to time, you have a full grasp of your outstanding credit balances. Additionally, if you find any error in your report, you can dispute the issue and get it rectified immediately. Yes, there are several instances when your credit report reflects erroneous accounts. Since this eventually impacts your credit score, it is important to address them and get them rectified immediately. Ideally, you should check your credit report at least once every 6 months. 

Get A Stable Job

While self-employed individuals can also apply for a personal loan in Mumbai, most lenders prefer salaried individuals. That said, being salaried is not the only eligibility parameter you have to meet. In addition to this, you also need to meet the minimum income criteria. Most banks require you to have a minimum monthly income of Rs 30,000. At Qbera, however, we offer personal loans to people with a salary of Rs 20,000 or more. 

In addition to getting the required monthly salary, you also need to show some stability in terms of your job. So, if you are under the habit of switching jobs a bit too often, it is high time to control this behavior and get yourself on the right financial track. Why? Because most lenders require you to have stable employment for at least 6 months to qualify for instant loans in Mumbai. If you’re applying for a bank loan, the minimum employment requirement is 1 year. 

While some lenders do offer loans to people with an employment experience of 3 months, the minimum income criterion here is likely to be higher. 

Provide Accurate Details

When you apply for a personal loan in Mumbai, it is essential to ensure that the details in your official documents are fully consistent with the details you've provided. Since any inconsistency can lead to a rejection, it is important to double-check the information you enter. Remember, any rejection will hurt your credit report and score. So, if you do not want your loan to be rejected, make sure every detail you share is fully accurate. 

Why Are Instant Personal Loans in Mumbai Better than Credit Cards?

Every time there’s a financial emergency, we instinctively reach out for our credit cards. But is this the right financial habit? Should you really choose your credit card over an instant loan? While a credit card is useful for financing some short-term expenses, they aren't always better than instant personal loans. This is especially true as the Fintechs offering these loans come with much better terms, flexible repayment options, and lower interest rates than the top credit card companies. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should an instant personal loan over a credit card. 

APR: One of the most important reasons for choosing instant personal loans is their low APR. Usually, the APR for personal loans in Mumbai range from 11% p.a. to 25% p.a. Sadly, such is not the case with credit cards! Since credit cards result in revolving debts, their APR starts from 30% p.a. The result: you end up paying much higher amounts in interest payments than you had originally planned for. Since the cash withdrawal facilities of credit cards are equally tricky in terms of interest rates, it is important to avoid them as well. 

Quick turnaround time: If you apply for an instant cash loan in Mumbai, it'll barely take you 24 to 72 hours to get the loan approved and the amount disbursed in your account. However, for credit cards, you'll at least need 7 to 8 business days to get the amount. 

Amount: This is yet another sector where instant cash loans from Fintechs have a greater edge. Yes, if you don’t already know, the maximum loan offered by a Fintech is much higher than the credit limit offered by leading credit cards. So, if you have a big expense coming up, credit cards may not be your answer! The funds from instant loans can also be used for consolidating multiple high-interest credit card debts. And since the tenures stretch up to 5 years, you will have complete flexibility in repaying the amount. 

Ideal For Mid-Level Income Holders: If you hold a mid-level income, instant cash loans are your best bet! Fintech lenders offer instant personal loans in Mumbai to individuals with a monthly salary of Rs 20,000. However, to qualify for a credit card you will need a monthly income of at least Rs 25,000. 

Considering these above tenets, it becomes clear why a personal loan in Mumbai from fintech lending agencies is the best option when you urgently need funds. 

What Documents Will I Need To Get A Personal Loan In Mumbai From Qbera?

While the eligibility parameters might vary depending on the lender you choose, it is important to note that Banks have a more stringent policy when compared to Fintech lenders. For instance, most banks will require you to have a credit score of at least 750 as opposed to platforms like Qbera that offer loans to people with a credit score of 600 and higher. Here are some of the other eligibility parameters that you need to consider:

Required Documents:

  • A copy of your Aadhaar card. 

  • A copy of your PAN card. 

  • Salary receipts over the last 3 months. 

  • Bank statements over the last 6 months. 

  • Cheques from your salary account. 

Eligibility Parameter: 

  • A credit score of at least 600. 

  • A monthly income of Rs 20,000 or higher. 

  • An employment experience of 6 months or more. 

  • Age ranging from 23 years to 55 years.

As you’d already note, the number of documents required by Qbera is much lesser than banks or any other formal lending institution. The best part: you won’t have to physically carry these documents to the branches of the bank. Thanks to Qbera’s paperless application process, you can upload these documents online. We use Perfios, a third-party service provider for retrieving your bank statements. So, you can always generate the required statements online. Once you sign up for the process, it’ll hardly take you 3 to 5 minutes to complete it. 

Loan Amounts and Tenures For Personal Loans In Mumbai From Qbera

While you'll find many Fintech lenders offering loans starting from Rs 5,000, not all of them will offer the kind of terms you're looking for. So, it is always better to weigh out your financial situation and choose a lender whose services match your requirements. At Qbera, we offer immediate cash loans in India. You can choose any amount between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000 on our platform. Your loan tenures in Mumbai will range from 1 year to 5 years. 

Interest rates on Personal Loans in Mumbai

When it comes to personal loans in Mumbai, the interest rates range from 11% p.a. to 25% p.a. These rates usually depend on your credit score. So, if your credit score is poor, you’re likely to get loans at a higher interest rate than someone with a high credit score. 

Lenders follow a risk-based approach to designate the interest rate for your applications. So, if you've been missing out on bills, making late payments, or accumulating multiple credit accounts, chances are, you'll get a high interest rate against your loan. Why? Because your financial habits seem to be risky. Since this model assesses your probabilities of default, you won't secure a good interest rate unless you exhibit responsible financial behavior. Usually, individuals with a credit score of 600 or lower, manage to secure an interest rate of 20% p.a. (or higher) under this risk-based model.

Mistakes to avoid while taking a Personal Loan in Mumbai from a Fintech lending company

All of us tend to make mistakes. But when it comes to handling credit, your small mistakes can leave major repercussions in the long run. If you’re planning to take an instant personal loan from a Fintech lender anytime soon, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid!

Not Assessing Your Repayment Abilities: Many a time we instinctively accept a hefty loan amount, without assessing our repayment abilities. Sadly, habits like this can land you in the middle of a never-ending debt trap.

Say for instance your net monthly salary is Rs 40,000. Since you do not have any debts and only a single credit card with a small outstanding balance, your credit score is around 800. With a financial history like this, you will easily secure a loan of Rs 2,00,000 or more. However, the medical emergency that you’re looking to finance will only cost you Rs 70,000. So, should you take this loan? Well, certainly not. If you need a lesser amount, there’s no point to take a bigger loan just because you’re eligible. Remember, the loan you’re taking is a form of credit that you’ll ultimately have to repay. So, instead of taking the additional financial burden, only take the amount that you actually need at the given moment. 

Don't Send Multiple Applications: If you have a low credit score and have already faced rejection from multiple lenders, you will instinctively want to apply for a new loan at multiple lending agencies. Since you do not know which agency will approve your application, you’d try your best shot with the application. Sadly, this will not improve your chances of approval. Instead, it'll leave a negative impact on your credit score. Why? As you apply to multiple institutions simultaneously, you will be deemed as a credit hungry person. Since rejections will also hurt your credit score, it is best to weigh out your options and only apply at the agency that you think will approve your application. Read the eligibility and terms properly and only apply to the lender if you meet the parameters.  

Immediate Personal Loans in Mumbai - A detailed overview

If you’re looking for an immediate loan in Mumbai, Fintech companies like Qbera are your best bet! Unlike formal lending institutions, they do not follow strict criteria while approving your unsecured personal loan. Companies like Qbera, process your application almost immediately. What’s more, once the application is approved, you can expect the amount to be credited in your account within 24 to 72 hours. As opposed to banks, the documentation requirements here are equally simple and hassle-free. So, if you are planning to apply for an immediate personal loan from Qbera, here are some of the parameters you need to consider. 

Available to Salaried Individuals: At Qbera, we offer immediate personal loans to salaried individuals. Why? Because to make timely repayments, you need a fixed mode of income. Since our loans are fully unsecured, you won’t have to pledge your asset to get the loan. You will, however, need to have a stable job where you’ve worked for at least 6 months. 

Minimum Net Monthly Salary Of Rs 20,000: Since your monthly installments will be deducted from the salary, you should have an income that doesn't merely support the installments but also leaves you with enough cash to meet other monthly expenses. While most leading private lenders require you to have a salary of 30,000 or higher, at Qbera, we offer immediate personal loans to individuals with a monthly salary of Rs 20,000 or more. 

Age Group: To qualify for an immediate personal loan from Qbera, you will need to have an age group of 23 to 55 years. We emphasize on this age bracket, as people under this bracket can make the most of our long tenures. 

CIBIL Score: Since immediate personal loans are unsecured, formal lending institutions tend to have high credit score requirements for them. In most cases, banks will not process your application if your loan is less than 750. Luckily, Qbera doesn’t follow any such terms. Here, we don’t just consider your credit report, but also your socio-economic leanings. Due to this reason, people with a score of 600 or higher can apply for an immediate loan on our platform. 

Advantages of Immediate Loans in Mumbai from Qbera

Taking an immediate loan in Mumbai from Qbera has its fair share of advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below.

  • The biggest advantage lies in the interest rate you’re getting. Starting from 11.99% p.a., Qbera offers one of the best rates in the industry. 

  • This platform also lets you choose a long repayment tenure of up to 5 years. This means you have the full flexibility in choosing a tenure and EMI according to your preference. 

  • Digital loans seamlessly team up technology and finance. The result: your loan is processed much faster. Usually, it takes a few minutes to complete the application process, and if your proposal is approved, you can expect the loan in 24 to 72 hours. 

  • Since they are unsecured loans, personal loans in Mumbai do not require you to pledge an asset or get a guarantor. You can gradually repay the loan by paying a part of your salary every month. 

  • The process involves minimum documentation. You can directly upload a copy of the required documents online. 

  • These loans are also completely flexible. This means you can use them regardless of your requirements. 

1. What is the tenure of a personal loan from Qbera?

The loan tenure at Qbera is a flexible one and it ranges from 1 to 5 years (12 to 60 months).

2. What is an EMI?

It is the fixed amount that a borrower pays to the lender on a particular date every month. An EMI includes the principal and interest charged on a loan.

3. What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that I can get from Qbera?

The loan amount ranges between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 10 Lacs.

4. What is unique about Qbera?

Our technology and lending partnership allow us to offer a world-class experience to our borrowers:

  • Paperless application
  • Instant lending decision
  • Digital verification of income, employment and residence
  • Disbursement of loan within 24-48 hours

Our CIBIL score cut-off is 625 and we can give loans to employees of more than 9 lac companies in India. Now you don’t have to get rejected by banks just because they have not analyzed and categorized your employer.

5. What should be my age to apply for a loan with Qbera?

You must be at least 23 years old to apply for a loan.

6. What should be my minimum salary to get a loan?

Your net monthly income must be Rs. 20,000 or more.

7. What should be my CIBIL score cut-off for a personal loan?

Our CIBIL score cut-off is 625 (V2 score).

8. What is the rate of interest charged on a personal loan?

Rate of interest depends on a borrower’s income, CIBIL score, employer, age etc. Qbera collects information from your application form and various other data sources to create a personalized loan offer for you. Our interest rates start at 11.99%.

9. What is the eligibility criteria to get a loan from Qbera?

To get a loan from Qbera, a borrower should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a salaried employee.
  • Age must be between 23-55 years.
  • Net monthly income must be Rs. 20,000 or more.
  • No defaults in the last 24 months.
  • You must be residing in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai or Hyderabad.

10. How do I apply for a loan online?

To apply for a loan online, click here. For queries, please Whatsapp us on +91 89719 28484.

11. What are the documents required to get a loan from Qbera?

The following documents would be required after your loan is digitally approved:

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • 4 cheques from your salary account
  • Current address proof
  • Permanent address proof (in case the permanent address is different from the address on Aadhar card)
  • Passport size photo

12. What is the processing fee charged on a personal loan by Qbera?

The processing fee ranges between 2% - 4%.

13. How can I repay my loan?

Qbera provides easy repayment of its smart loans through automatic debit of EMIs via NACH mandate.

14. Why was my loan application rejected at Qbera?

Although we have one of the best approval rates in the industry, we may have to reject some applications if they do not meet our basic qualification criteria. You can re-apply after 3 months in case you think that your credit profile has improved.

15. Can I re-apply for a loan?

Qbera requires you to wait for at least 3 months before re-applying for a personal loan.

16. How much time does Qbera take to process a loan application?

It will not take more than 10 minutes to fill up your online application form. Our technology allows us to disburse the approved loan amount within 24-48 hours.

17. Is part/prepayment allowed on my personal loan?

We do not allow part-payments. However, you can prepay your loan after completing 1 year of repayment. (Foreclosure charges: 5% + GST applicable).

18. Do I need to submit any collateral to get a personal loan from Qbera?

All personal loans offered by Qbera are unsecured. Hence, you need not submit any assets or property to secure a loan.

Interest Rate & Other Charges

Interest Rate
11.99% to 35.99%
Processing Fee
1% to 5% of total loan amount
Loan Amount
₹1,00,000 to ₹15,00,000
Loan Tenure
12 to 60 months
Getting a Qbera Smart Loan is Simple
Fill out our online application form
Step 1: Online Application Form
Get approved instantly
Fill out our online application form by answering a few questions about yourself, your employment, your education, expenses and needs. This process would take no longer than 10 minutes.
Connect your Bank Account
Step 2: Connect bank account
Submit your bank statements
Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form. Alternatively, you can upload bank generated pdf bank statements.
Select your loan term
Step 3: Loan term
Choose your Loan Term
Using our proprietary Credit Scoring Algorithm we determine your loan eligibility in real-time. Our algorithm uses the information about you, to determine your future potential and help you get the best rate instantly.
You’re done! Get the money in your Bank Account as early as tomorrow.
Example: A loan offer of ₹2 lac, for a tenure of 3 years at an interest Rate of 16.6% (on a reducing principal) and a processing fee of 2.5%. Translates to:
  1. Processing Fee deduction of ₹5000 (2.5% of 2 Lacs) from loan amount, thus, the amount credited to your account will be ₹1.95 Lacs
  2. EMI of ₹7091 per month
  3. Total payable amount in 3 years = 36 times ₹7091 = ₹2,55,276
  4. Total Interest paid in 3 years = ₹55,276, hence, annual interest paid = ₹18,425 (which translates to an effective flat annual rate of interest of 9.21%)
Repaying a Qbera Smart Loan is just as Simple
Repay your loan with automatic EMI payments.
  • Age: 21-57 years old
  • Net Monthly Income must be more than Rs. 18,000.
  • No defaults in the last 24 months.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Current Address Proof


"I am really happy that I got a loan from Qbera. My application has been rejected by lenders in the past without giving any explanation for rejection. Qbera approved my loan with minimum documents. Thanks a lot once again."



"I would like to thank Qbera for speedy loan processing. I was having a tough time in deciding which bank would actually take my request for a loan as the loan was supposed to be for credit card payoff. I was forced to use my credit card for an unforeseen expense which I could not avoid and was finding it tough to pay back due to the high interest cost on credit cards. I did not want to make many enquiries as many requests can lower the CIBIL score. I contacted Qbera on a Monday and by evening itself they had an offer for me. They kept me informed through every step of the process and were also flexible with regards to my commitments. In the end, the loan was disbursed within two days of documents submission. Thank you Qbera for simplifying the process and helping me find a loan. " Show more...



"It was a nice experience with Qbera. I have never seen such an easy process for getting a loan, especially when you need it the most. Thank you Qbera for your support."



"I had a hassle-free experience with Qbera. It was a very easy application procedure and in a short span of 3 days I got my loan credited to my account. Thank you so much for the support Team Qbera"



"It was very easy to get a loan from Qbera. I just applied on their website and got a confirmed offer immediately. The amount was transferred soon after. Will give it 5 out of 5"



"It's good and quick response from the Qbera team to get the loan. They are very good at the communicating the things properly and appropriately"

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